Are You Ready For Your Fabulous Second Half?

What Is Your Plan for a Fabulous Second Half?

What do you expect to be doing with  your life in the next 30 to 50 years. Women who are healthy; women who have no extreme health risks can expect to live well into their 80′s, 90′s even to 100. How can you make your second half the best it can be?

Sharon Stone

In the March Issue of Shape Magazine Sharon Stone talked about what she said to herself, and what she did.

“You’re going to get old now. How do you want to do that?”

The question is what are you going to do?

If you are interested in  knowing what she decided to do you can read the article in the March 2014 issue of Shape magazine.

If you are healthy your new story, in second half of your life can be amazing.

Getting ready to enjoy your Fabulous Second Half will probably require some changes in all aspects of your life.  Some of the changes may include, health and fitness, financial, family and many more. As you think about these changes you can prepare for them.

There are many options for support in making change.  Check in next week for some ideas to help you make your transition the best it can be.

I would be happy to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment or ask a question.

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Women 50+ Exploring Your Options_Your New Story

Are you exploring your options for the second half of your life?

Women are living longer and in better health than ever before. Don’t miss out on all the wonderful opportunities available to you in your Fabulous Second Half.

A woman who reaches age 50 today_ and remains free of cancer and heart disease   _ Can expect to see her 92 birthday.

Gail Sheehy- New Passages-mapping your life across time 1995

Many woman are taking advantage of this opportunity. They are doing things they didn’t have the time or opportunity to do when they were busy with the demands of living in what Gail Sheeny calls the Second Adulthood.

bonnie and barb on the caminoThat’s my sister Bonnie, on the right, she agreed to walk with me. Bonnie turned 60 just before we left. We had a awe inspiring trip. A spiritual journey. But not easy. Some of the walk was quite challenging. We met many interesting people from many countries.


I have taken to heart Goethe’s famous quote, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius power and magic in it. Begin it now?”

In the last several years I have taken my own advice. To travel in Europe has always been as passion for me. I have been traveling in Europe to the cities I read about: Paris, London, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice to name a few. In the spring of 2010 as my 70th birthday was approaching I set myself a travel challenge: to walk the Camino de Santitago de Compostela before my 70 birthday. It is never too late.

What plans are you making for your new story to take you into your Fabulous Second Half? Below are some examples of what other women are doing.

Check out “Fabulous Fashionitstas”  A film by Sue Bourne  here is the link to it on You Tube:                                            -I found it very inspiring. Those ladies are living a Fabulous Second Half each in their own way. Age means nothing to them. I can do it my way and so can you. I have never been very fashion conscious so I would never be a “fashionista”, but I can be me, in my style.

I also enjoy Everything and online magazine for 50+.                                       -Here is the link to their site:

Hope you find something interesting here. Leave a comment. If you have a source of over 50 information that you find helpful. I would be happy to share it.

What is your new story, how are you going to enjoy your Fabulous Second Half?           -Leave a comment.

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Nederlanders Have a Spiritual Journey With the Reopening of the Rijksmuseum

Rijks waiting at the back to buy tickets 2008

The Rijksmuseum has reopened after a 10 year renovation.  It is a work of art itself. I have been to the Rijksmuesum while it was being renovated. I was impressed. But just watching a program on BBC about the renovations has inspired me to go to Amsterdam to see it again. The people of the Netherlands can not help but be excited to see the history of their country as it is presented in the renovated Rijksmuseum.They have a new look at the story of their history. In a way they have a new story.

Here we are entering the Rijksmeseum from the back door.  Even then it was a nice museum, with lots of historical items. But now they are displayed each in a beautiful setting.

The Rijksmuseum is open 365 days a year. If you are on a spiritual journey to Europe be sure to include  a visit to Amsterdam and the Rijksmuseum . Here is a link

When you travel  to  Amsterdam plan to spend several days, there is so much to see, and all in a relatively small space.  You don’t want to miss the Kuekenhof  Gardens with all the lovely tulips or the Van Gogh museum. Here is a link to the BBC coverage of the opening of the Rijksmuseum.

I wish you amazing travel experiences on your spiritual journey, and a great new story.         Please leave a comment about your new story. We love to hear from you.

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What Do You Do With Your Extra Bags on Your Spiritual Journey?

On a spiritual journey what do you do with your extra bags?

Are you are like me ? When I travel to Europe I try to squeeze in as many experiences into my spiritual journey as I can. I want to make

Bonnie looking at Chartres Cathedral with backpack and suite case

the most of my travel to Europe. But some of the ventures I opted to  take part in are very unlike  the other. On one recent journey,  with my sister, we planned  two  spiritual journeys that were different in the kinds of activities we would do, one in Spain and one in France.

My favorite  travel companion, Bonnie, my sister, is very good at organizing and planning our trips. When we planned to go on a spiritual journey to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, we also wanted to visit  Chartres, Versailles, and Paris. We wanted to look respectable when visiting some special places in France, but we couldn’t carry a suitcase and a backpack on the Camino. Where could we leave our suite cases when we became pilgrims walking walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela?  We had carefully weighed our backpacks to ensure they were not to heavy. We planned to walk ten to twenty kilometers a day. We could not drag our suite cases along too.

Weeks before we were to embark on our journey Bonnie began to search online for a place to leave our suite cases in Paris. This is something you can ask your travel agent to do, but we chose to take care of our own travel arrangements. After many online searches Bonnie found a business that offered bicycle tours.

The company is called Blue Marble Travel They specialize in European Bicycle Travel. Blue Marble was the perfect solution to our problem. They provide many services for their tour participants including baggage storage. We contacted them by email. We were able to make arrangements to store our suite cases with Blue Marble Travel when we left Paris to fly to Spain and pick them up on our return. I am sure Blue Marble Travel is not the onlybusiness to offer this service. They worked well for us. We were very happy with their service.

What I have learned is, it is easier and more convenient to arrange for the services you know you will need before you leave home. I want my spiritual journey to be about the experiences I have inner and outer, not about solving problems that could have been taken care of before departure. There are bound to be unexpected problems no matter how well you plan. These experiences are the ones that make your spiritual journey special and give you, your new story to take home with you.

Have you ever needed to store you baggage. Tells us what you did. Thanks  we love comments.

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Experience Your Spiritual Journey In Europe by Train

It is my experience to travel by train is the best way to see Europe. If you are traveling with a companion you both arrive relaxed. While on board the train you can sight see, write in your journal,and have some time to experience your inner journey.  You can have a snack, (or a meal depending on the type of train and the time of day you are traveling) have a nap, and visit with fellow travelers.

And I am excited to tell you, now you can manage your travel from your iphone. How great! Technology is amazing, but I have to admit I loved using the Thomas Cook  European Rail Timetable Guide Book.

Eurail app for iphone

Train Times Europe is a journey planner for train connections across Europe. It will show you any train connection in Europe and any local connection within Germany. The app uses the official data provided by German National Railways.

Usually in the Europe main station are in the centre of the city, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, to name a few. It is in the centre of the city where  you will find connections by train to any other stations that city. Paris is the exception.

The  main train station is where you will find a wealth of information. If  part of your spiritual journey to travel to some specific location in one of the main cities of Europe?  At the  main train station  you will find information about that city regarding tours, events and accommodations, as well as connecting trains. There are food outlets and lockers to store your bags for the day, and more.

I recommend train travel with a Eurail train pass. The are many options regarding days of travel, locations to travel and cost of the tickets. The most important thing to remember is to purchase your train pass before you leave home. It can not be bought in Europe.
Paris is a place I can go back to again and again. The city transportation is easy to figure out. If you get a five day pass you can take a bus or the underground and see the city on your own. You can get on and off where you please. You can also travel between the train stations to make connections. There is one big difference between Paris and other European cities. Continue reading

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Do I Need a Passport When I Travel to Europe?

The simple answer is yes, you need a passport.
I recommend your first step in planning for your spiritual journey is to make sure your documents are up to day and in order. You want your new story to be about the wonderful experiences you had; not a tragedy of missed opportunities because you were not prepared.

My Canadian Passport

My Canadian Passport

To travel in Europe you need a passport.
There you are with your air plane ticket in  hand ready to go, you won’t get far without  your passport. There you are arriving a the distant air port, you will need your passport again to get past the customs at the  arrival gate. Canadian or an American your need a passport when you travel.

Keep your passport up to date. If you already have passport it should be a simple and quick process to keep it up date. If your passport has expired or it is your first time to apply for a passport it can take as long as six weeks. It is a good idea to have it in your hand before you start booking flights.

For Canadian citizens click here for Passport Canada
For United States citizens click here for Passports
When you have your passport in your hand give it “the red carpet treatment.” Treat it with respect. It is the most valuable piece of identification you have. Always keep it in a secure place. When your are traveling keep in on your person.Never leave it in your luggage or in your hotel room.

Two other documents you may need are A  Visa and An International Driving Permit. Most European, EU, countries for example France, Germany, Italy, Austria etc. do not require a visa. The Uk, Denmark Sweden or Norway do not require a visa but there are countries that do require one.  Once you have planned your itinerary, check the visa requirements of the countries you are planning to visit. Visa requirement can change.

If you planning to travel by car when in Europe you will want to obtain a International Driving Permit  before you leave.

How to Apply for an International Driving Permit

Citizens of the United States of America Apply  here:             
National Auto Club                  
To apply for an IDP, you must:
    •    be at least age 18
    •    present two passport-size photographs and
    •    present your valid U.S. license
The cost of an IDP from these U.S. State Department-authorized organizations is less than $20.00.

Citizens of Canada  apply for your International Driving Permit:

You can only receive an IDP if:
You are 18 years of age or older, and
Hold a valid Canadian provincial driver’s license.( An IDP cannot be issued for provisional, learner’s or suspended license, or for any category of vehicle which is not presently covered by that same provincial driver’s license. In addition to meeting the above conditions, you will require:
Two passport-sized photos -  One picture is attached to the IDP; the other is attached to the application form.
An IDP fee payment of $25.00
Take time to learn the rules of the road in country or countries you plan to visit. Get road maps to plan your trip before you leave. You can get maps at the same place you get your International Driving Permit.
I hope this information is useful. If you have any tips regarding travel preparation please leave a comment. We enjoy hearing from you.

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A Winter Escape-An Unanticipated Spiritual Journey

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” — Martin Buber

Nothing is ever exactly the way we expect it will be.

Winter 2012 at home

We wanted to escape from winter this year, but we also wanted to be able to return home quickly if it was required. We chose to travel about a 1000 kms west to a “warmer climate”. Zoomer’s magazine had an article claiming Osoyoos is the new “hot” location for Snowbirds.  If it is necessary, we can travel home by car and plane home in a few hours. We expected we had left the snow and cold temperatures at home.

January at Osoyoos Lake

This is what we found. There was snow and the temperatures were much the same as we left at home the first week, but it was different. And the snow and cold weather did come to Alberta.

We have traveled to many places in Europe, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, France Spain. We expected when we went to these far places we would feel strange; we would be aware of the differences in language and culture. That is part of the experience. We didn’t expect to feel strange at Osoyoos.

We intended to spend two months living a very similar life to what we do at home, except we would not have to shovel snow and brave the cold weather. What we experienced was amazing;it Continue reading

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Should You Have A Cell Phone On Your Spiritual Journey?

5 Reasons  to take a cell phone on your Spiritual Journey
1.    To keep in touch with friends and family at home
2.    To make, change or confirm your reservations
3.    To keep in touch with the people who are traveling with you
4.    In case of emergency
5.   To check train schedules

While Bonnie had lunch on the Camino I had a call from home.

When I traveled to Spain to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela I wanted a way to keep in touch with my family. At that time my provider did not offer an international plan. I needed an alternative. My sister did use her Canadian cell phone. Her service plan was quite costly.

The Company of Canadian Pilgrims was started1994 by Reverend Ben Lochridge  to provide information and to issue a Canadian credential.  At a meeting of the local  group I asked about alternatives to taking my own phone. The advice I received was to buy a phone in Europe. That was 2 years ago some things have changed.  I think is still good advice. My  cell service provider has an international plan now. With the plan voice calls are $1.50 per min.,and  $0.60 per text.

I bought a mobile phone in Madrid with SIM Continue reading

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One Stop Travel Information For Women On A Spiritual Journey.

There is a cornucopia of travel information on the net.

On the roof , Santiago de Compostela

If you have a passion for travel, as I do, I would guess you search the net for information. There are blogs, commercial site, some are free some are not. You can find flight information to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. You can learn about train travel and passes. Hotel information is readily available. There are tours to the place of your dreams,France, Italy, India, Scotland, Germany and so on, but there are some questions you may not have answered by any of these sites.

That is why I suggest you take a look at, JourneyWoman, an online travel resource just for women. Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women. Her free tip newsletter for woman covers every topic you want to know about it goes out, 74,500 women in 240 countries. Check it out at

Enjoy perusing  the Journeywoman site. You may find answers to question you never thought to ask.  I would love to hear about your spiritual journey what ever form it takes. When gathering information look for sites that have  established a good reputation. You want information that is accurate and helpful. I wish you a joyful experience finding your new story, how every you go about it.  Leave a comment and tells us your new story.

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Happy New Year From “Your New Story”

A New Start  At Your New Story For 2013
Now is the time to take a look at the past then to look forward to the new year. It is a time to set some intentions for your new story.

There were changes in my life I never expected. When I started “your new story” it was my intention to assemble some new ideas regarding my life and who I am.  There were changes in my life I never expected.

An important aspect of my story was, I am the mother of three grown children. In 2010 my youngest son died unexpectedly. I did not want my new story to be “poor me my son died.” When the opportunity to dare to do something different I jumped at the opportunity. I enrolled in UIBC (the ultimate internet boot camp) in the late fall of 2010.

At UIBC LA 2011

In February of 2011 I traveled to LA to learn all about blogging, and learn I did. It was a very intensive few days, filled with learning and doing and experiencing. I knew what to do and how to do it.

My problem was I was unclear about what my “your new story” would offer. I know for my self travel is a way to experience “your new story”, but that is not the only way.

Nearly two years later, I have a new story. The grieving process is painful, but it is a process, there comes a time when you have to accept what is and begin to life a life that is now.

For you there will be blogs about how to deal with unexpected life events. How to look at your story and create your new story.
And  there will be lots about travel. I love to travel. I intend to go to many places yet. I intend to return to places I have been, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Chartres, to name a few. I intend to travel to many powerful place around the world.

I love to travel by train. There are many amazing trains trips to experience, the  Euro Star, TGV, and more.

If you are interested in finding your new story, or in traveling, or both please leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from your.


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